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Nomados Literary Publishers has now stopped producing chapbooks. Meredith and Peter Quartermain ran the press from 2002 to 2020, and during that time brought out 51 titles from authors in Canada and the U.S. These are listed below. Most of these titles are now completely sold out. Inquiries may be sent to info [at] nomados [dot] org.




Wanders by Robin Blaser & Meredith Quartermain ISBN 0-9731521-0-9; ISBN 978-0-9731521-0-4  


A Thousand Mornings by Meredith Quartermain ISBN 0-9731521-2-5; ISBN 978-0-9731521-2-8  




Fat Chance by Dodie Bellamy ISBN 0-9731521-3-3


Seven Glass Bowls by Daphne Marlatt ISBN 0-9731521-5-X; ISBN 978-0-9731521-5-9  


Island of Lost Souls by Kevin Killian ISBN 0-9731521-4-1


Draft, unnumbered: Précis by Rachel Blau DuPlessis ISBN 0-9731521-6-8   


The Irreparable by Robin Blaser ISBN 0-9731521-1-7; ISBN 978-0-9731521-1-1


Hi ddevioleth i dde violet by Kathleen Fraser ISBN 0-9731521-7-6; ISBN 978-0-9731521-7-3   


from m-Talá. by Chus Pato. Trans. from the Galician by Erín Moure ISBN 0-9731521-8-4   


World on Fire by Charles Bernstein ISBN 0-9731521-9-2; ISBN 978-0-9731521-9-7




Good Egg Bad Seed by Susan Holbrook ISBN 0-9735337-0-6; ISBN 978-0-9735337-0-5


Rousseau’s Boat by Lisa Robertson ISBN 0-9735337-1-4; ISBN 978-0-9735337-1-2


Widows & Orphans by Nicole Markotic ISBN 0-9735337-2-2


Weeping Willow by Sharon Thesen ISBN 0-9735337-3-0; ISBN 978-0-9735337-3-6 




Rewriting My Grandfather by George Bowering ISBN 0-9735337-4-9


Ready for Freddy by Renee Rodin ISBN 0-9735337-5-7; ISBN 978-0-9735337-5-0 


Cold Trip by Nancy Shaw & Catriona Strang ISBN 0-9735337-6-5; ISBN 978-0-9735337-6-7 


Adult Video by Margaret Christakos ISBN 0-9735337-7-3; ISBN 978-0-9735337-7-4 




Seniors by George Stanley ISBN 0-9735337-8-1; ISBN 978-0-9735337-8-1 


Crepuscule on Mission Street by Aaron Peck ISBN 0-9781072-0-9; ISBN 978-0-9781072-0-8  


Perth Flowers by rob mclennan ISBN 0-9781072-1-7 ISBN; ISBN 978-0-9781072-1-5 


Pessoa's July by Christine Stewart ISBN 0-9781072-2-5; ISBN 978-0-9781072-2-2


Sporatic Growth by Jay MillAr ISBN 0-9781072-3-3; ISBN 978-0-9781072-3-9




Punctum by Lola Lemire Tostevin ISBN 978-0-9781072-4-6


Articulations by Fred Wah ISBN 978-0-9781072-5-3


When Snakes Awaken by Ken Belford ISBN 978-0-9781072-6-0


Value Unmapped by Robert Mittenthal ISBN 978-0-9781072-7-7




Shoot and Weep by Rachel Zolf ISBN 978-0-9781072-8-4


Fulgencio by George Bowering ISBN 978-0-9781072-9-1  


Aviva by Nicole Brossard trans. by Anne-Marie Wheeler ISBN 978-0-9810952-0-2   




Eggs in the Basement by Larissa Lai ISBN 978-0-9810952-1-9  


—that can’t by Louis Cabri ISBN 978-0-9810952-2-6  


The Ends of the Earth by Jacqueline Turner ISBN 978-0-9810952-3-3


2010 no publications




Twenty Objects for the New World by Alex Leslie ISBN 978-0-9810952-5-7


Lever by Stephen Collis ISBN 978-0-9810952-7-1


that stays news by Nikki Reimer ISBN 978-0-9810952-4-0


Sonnets : Louise Labé by Edward Byrne ISBN 978-0-9810952-6-4




Actualities by Norma Cole ISBN 978-0-9810952-8-8


Carbonated Bippies! by Colin Smith ISBN 978-0-9810952-9-5




Oilywood by Christine Leclerc ISBN 978-1-927751-00-8  


The Ends by Jen Currin ISBN 978-1-927751-01-5 




Notes from Gethsemani by Phil Hall ISBN 978-1-927751- 02-2


Of Beings Alone by Lissa Wolsak Poetry ISBN 978-1-927751-03-9




Two at High Noon by Brian Dedora ISBN 978-1-927751-05-3


The Odes by Christine Stewart ISBN 978-1-927751-04-6


2016 no publications




My Model Poem by Marguerite Pigeon ISBN 978-1-927751-06-0


THOT-J-BAP: extractions by Renée Sarojini Saklikar ISBN 978-1-927751-07-7




A Bed of Half Full: a landscape by Judith Penner ISBN 978-1-927751-08-4


Instinctive Acts by Jami Macarty ISBN 978-1-927751-09-1




Pensive & beyond by Joanne Arnott ISBN 978-1-927751-10-7


gauntlet by Juliane Okot Bitek ISBN 978-1-927751-11-14



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